Moana Summer Camps!

Let’s ride the waves together while we explore Moana’s world! This camp will be full of music, movement, crafts and most of all FUN!


This camp will be a total for 4 days, June 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th.

This camp will be a total for 4 days, July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st (all Mondays)



Fairy Party

Sparkle, Dazzle, Shimmer and Shine await you for the seasons best ‘Summer Night’s Fairy Festival’, a special evening for only the truest of fairy friends. Flutter throughout our fairyland village to a crystal cafe’ for snacks, our enchanted forest for crafting and dancing, and our magical theatrer for a fairy performance. We may even see a Troll here and there as they “Poppy out of a Branch” and sing along! Parents will need to accompany their fairy for this party. Parents are free. Children $25/each. Includes a snack, gift, craft and music session.



Lego Batman Camp


Mr. Tyler brings the world of LEGO Batman to all Nest super heroes for a one-week summer camp. Your brick designer won’t want to miss this superhero camp., based on the brand new LEGO Batman movie! Each day will be a brand ne crime fighting adventure. If you are a crime fighting, brick-building mastermind, you won’t want to miss this super fun and amazing summer camp experience with Mr. Tyler!

Lego NinjaGo Camp

Time Twins are on the hunt to take down Wu and the Ninja! Mr. Tyler is growing his WU-CRU and needs you! Create the perfect LEGO recipe to stop the Time Twins from growing their new army and prepare for the upcoming LEGO Ninjago movie hitting theaters this Fall 2017.

Your master builder will bring home a Ninjago LEGO set of their own.

Literacy Tea Party

A book is a doorway to a world full of imagination and possibilities. Dress up our Literacy Tea Party with a Fancy Nancy splash of fun and sophistication! We’ll read in our finest voices and drink tea with our pinkies up. Sprinkle in a dash of creative fun and our afternoon will have your little one eager to ready more! Parents are free. Children $25/each. Includes a snack, gift, craft and music session.

Literacy Construction Party

It’s our own version of a Literacy Demo Day! Grab your hard hats and demolition team as we deconstruct literacy. We’ll break, build and design our parts of speech to learn more about reading, how we read, why we read and all the while doing it in a fun, constructive way! Parents are free. Children $25/each. Includes a snack, gift, craft and music session.

A day at the beach

This will be a Family Nest class and fun for everyone! Come participate in a 4 week mini session and go on beach adventures every week as we explore music, literacy, math and socialization! Ms. Beth is excited to have you join her for this music fun! Participants will go home with a CD and manipulative.

Yoga class

Expand your child’s horizon with Adventure Yoga! Adventure Yoga combines physical activity with games, music, geography, cultural studies and lots of FUN!
Each day we will go on a DIFFERENT Yoga Adventure filled with mindfulness, breath work, yoga poses, intention water, music and more.

The places that we will visit will be Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Mt. Fuji and Machu Picchu. Each of the destinations we visit during Adventure Yoga gives kids the chance to explore different types of geography, culture modes of travel, climate and more, while learning yoga poses and mindfulness practices like breathing and positive intentions.
Yoga teaches kids greater flexibility, how to focus, how to use and understand their bodies in new ways, how to relax and mindfulness!

This camp will be led by Vila Loukas who is a Mini-Me Yoga Ambassador

The Nest offers a social and creative environment where children ages 2.5-6 can play, learn and develop social skills. We have clients from Woodinvile, Bellevue, Redmond, Monroe, Maltby, Kirkland, Seattle

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